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Mothers And Sons

Russo is wonderful The tautness in her body does not leave her throughout the 90-minute play, while she delivers an emotional performance. The action takes place in real-time, which makes the discomfort among the characters that much more painful.

~Bev Sykes~ Davis Enterpries - 2018


Actress Lori Russo presents Katherine as an avenging angel so tensed-up that she’s scary, gripping her leather purse with such white knuckles that you worry she will tear the thing in half with her bare hands. It’s a formidable performance.

~Jeff Hudson ~ -2018

All performances were wonderful, but Outstanding, was Lori Russo playing Katherine. 

Funny 2018

Cast works together well in this  compact, heart tugging story, including Russo's challenging portrayal of Katherine.

Sacramento News & Review-2018 (4 Stars )


The Glass Menagerie

Lori Russo commands the stage. In bringing Amanda to life, Russo finds the heart of Amanda and plays her multi-dimensional character. The witty dialogue that Williams wrote for Amanda lends the play most of its humor, and Russo delivers it with impeccable timing, to the delight of the audience.

~Kathe Isaac-Luke ~ Union Democrat -2017


Lori Russo is Incredible as Amanda. She is top form.

~Mike Taylor~Calaveras Enterprise - 2017

Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike-

Lori Russo is Captivating as the flamboyant Masha, who is more caring then she initially appears.

Becky Saunders (director) assembled an impressive array of actors, all actors are so perfect for thier roles, it is hard to imagine anyone else playing them.

~Kathie Isaac-luke - Union Democrat - 2016

As Masha, Lori  Russo darn near steals the show. Her asides and afterthoughts are riotous, and Russo reslishes every one.

She gives Masha a heart, but it's the one with strings attached that must be massaged to remain warm enough to embrace.

~ Mike Taylor~Sierra Lodestar


Love, Isadora-

Lori Russo, "Sublime" - "Remarkable". ( Five Star Rave - 2014)

~Jeff Hudson- Sacramento News & Reviews


"An actress with the range and depth, takes on the the life of the manic, tragic Isadora Duncan without a trace of reservation, using her entire body as a tool."

~Kel Munger~ Sacramento News & Review ( Five Star Review 2008)


"Captivating performance". The actress-dancer transforms herself into Duncan. The force of Russo's performance alone makes the show worth seeing.

She portrays Duncan with such passion that she draws you into the dancer's world.

~Elisabeth Crean~ Seven Days Vermont


"Russo Dazzles as Isadora." Russo plunges into the character with light, life and passion.

It's easy to get swept up in the power of her work.

~Alex Brown~ The Montpelier Bridge.



Good People

Lori Russo, Linda Montalvo -Carbone and Rebecca Dines, the three are a hilarious trio of bitter bitchery. Talented Cast.

~Sacramento News & Review



Elvis Lives & Legends In Concert

"Russo Channels the sexy Ann-Margret"

~Lori Hoffman~ Casino Entertainment "Whoot"


 "The Stage came alive with the titanic performance of Lori Russo who beautifully played with style, charisma and passion the 1960’s movie legend Ann Margret. Here was finally an Artist who quite literally mirrored the very star who was being projected on the video screens and who also threw absolutely everything of her unique talent into the fifteen minutes that was her spot in the show. If there is any reason at all to stump up the cash to see this show then I would say that it should be to see this wonderful old school and old style Vegas Artist give her all in front of the Legends In Concert Band. Clearly Lori Russo is an Artist who just loves to perform for her audience and with her great voice, great charm, great personality, great talent and great timing I could only wonder as to why someone somewhere has not already either booked her to support an actual star or instead given her her own show and a Viva Las Vegas Orchestra! Yes the star and saving grace of the show was indeed Lori Russo with her beautiful and generous tribute to the legend Ann-Margret".

~Lincoln Hudson~ Access


Revenger's Tragedy- Callboard Theater

"Russo played the Duchess as hypocritical and manipulative with the Duke but with a pathetically sexy desperation with Spurio; although the Duchess is  potentially  an extremely unsympathetic character,  as Russo played her she was more pitied than despised. Although soundly directed the actors themselves clearly contributed significantly to several strong performances."

~Miranda Johnson Haddad ~ Shakespeare Quarterly



"Lend Me A Tenor 

"Lori Russo is a winner as Maria Merelli ". This is her third role of the season and she has yet to miss a beat.

"Russo boils beautifully as Tito's Wife. She is as explosive as Vesuvias in a bad century."

~ Leo Stutzen ~ Modesto Bee



Guys And Dolls

"Russo is a peach and pink-satin doll, who sings dances and acts every note and nuance to perfection".

~Dianne Runiion_ The Stockton Record


"Russo packs an astonishing range of emotion into the a squeaky-voiced dancer - and sings too. Brava."

~Kathe Waterbury~ The Union Democrat




"Lori Russo adds irreverent spirit as a street-wise nun whose small triumphs provoke self-satisfied grins that made me think of a youthful, exuberant James Cagney."

 ~Leo Stutzin ~The Modesto Bee


"Lori Russo's "I just want To Be a Star" is perfection." 

~Kathe Waterbury



Anything Goes-

"Lori Russo taps her heart out expertly, and comic timing clicks precisely"



Mucedorous- Comedy - Victorian Style- Globe Playhouse, LA

" His Lady Love (Lori Russo- Amandine) is warm, feminine and interestingly played. Russo can get passionate."

~ Robert Koehler ~LA Times.



The BoyFriend

"Lori Russo, as Betty Booper Fay demanded attention, The eye gravitated toward her; she has a great deal of stage   presence".

~Terry Sforza ~ Santa Barbara News-Press




"Lori Russo, whose portrayal of the sultry Velma Kelly, gave a  new meaning to the word sensuous. Her dancing, singing and acting abililty would give Gwen Verdon a run for her money".

~ Jerome Robinson~ Daily Trojen

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